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If you wish to sell your property you are in good hands. We have almost 10 years experience of selling properties in Mallorca.

How do we work?

Marketing, using our own website, international websites, newsletter and social media.

Viewings, scheduled or / and spontaneous viewings. We are happy to hold a key set for you.

Documentation . We are happy to guide you to sort out your documentation you will need to complete the sale. Contact us for more information regarding these important documents.

Exclusive sales contracts. You can choose whether you would like to work with one agency or more. However, We don’t advice to work with too many as you could overexpose your property.

Selling a property is not straight forward but we make the whole process seamless and effortless. Before taking on a new property, we advice you on the market situation and what a realistic asking price would be for you. It’s important both parties agree on price and are aware of the time it can take to sell the property.

What taxes do you need to pay when selling your property?

-Plusvalía Municipal; This tax is varying according to size, length of ownership etc. Contact us for more information.

-Capital Gains Tax (CGT); Varying depending whether you are a resident or not. Contact us for more information.

-If a second hand property is sold by a non resident, 3% of the purchase price must be held by, for example, the lawyer representing the buyer. The amount must be paid to the Spanish tax authority in the seller’s name. This tax is for a possible capital gain tax. If you have not made any profit, you can request the money back.

What documents do you need when selling a property and what are the costs?

-Passport copies and copy of NIE number. (DNI for Spanish clients)

-Copy of all the bills for running costs (water, electricity, gas etc)

-Copy on latest property tax paid (IBI)

-Copy of latast garbage bill (Basura)

-The final work certificate

-Construction permit

-A final inspection certificate.

-Estate Agency fee; normally 5% + VAT (IVA)

-Lawyer fee; normally about 1% + VAT (IVA)

-Energy Certificate; about 80 -300 euros depending on the property

-Living certificate (Cedula de Habitabilidad); about 100-200 euros depending on the property

-Mortgage cancellation costs; contact your bank

Please contact us on [email protected] if you have any further questions.